Symbol Space





Whether accessed through a conversation between two or more people, or via pencil and paper, spoken AI, AR, VR or a futuristic Direct Brain Connection, the information we need to interact with in order to solve problems needs to have some sort of symbolic representation for us to be able to access, view, interact and share it; Without a symbolic representation we have no way to grasp the information – no way to get a handle on it – and no way to develop our perspectives.


The development of such symbolic representations must then surely be a core aspect of knowledge work to develop for.





Of the senses available to us, vision affords by far the greatest bandwidth between external symbol representations and our prefrontal cortex where we do our higher level thinking:


We perceive about 12 million bits/second (10 million from vision, 1 million from touch, and the rest scattered among the other senses). 16 bits per second is the bandwidth of consciousness. Symbols are the Trojan horses by which we smuggle bits into our consciousness.

Norretranders, 1999





A group of us are building a glossary, which will be presented here, but so far there is a very basic start, so far only by Frode Hegland but soon there will be merge-work with Timour, Elena and Irina:


Symbol Glossary